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Colorado Springs

Security-Widefield & Fountain

Both of these areas are located on the far South side of Colorado Springs and are booming with respect to new housing and shopping. Easy access to the interstate makes getting to the airport, Denver, or out of town for a quick getaway weekend a breeze.


Built into the foundation of the area, there continues to be a small town feel which makes it the perfect place for raising a family!

colorado springs aiport.jpeg


Fort Carson is very close so this tends to be an area that is popular for military families moving to the Colorado Springs area.


Additionally, jobs abound with the new Amazon warehouse built 2020-21, and the close proximity to the airport means that the huge influx of corporate executives coming into the area shows it will grow as a business destination.


Excellent schools, an abundance of parks and natural space to run around, and safe local businesses make Security-Widefield and Fountain an ideal family area.

Get to know your neighbors, and take your evening family strolls through a number of creekside parks, or snowy tree-lined paths!

Widefield high school.jpg
widefield park.jpeg

Location, Location, Location

Easy access to the freeway brings about more than just convenience. Every area of Colorado Springs becomes accessible and opens up day-to-day life to all that the city has to offer: natural wonders as equally as downtown city life. 

Not to mention you've got everything at your fingertips: from large supply stores, to your local grocery store.

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